Case Study: RA Digital

The Scenario

When Ruth from RA Digital came to me, her business had outgrown her current tech needs.

She had a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which just wasn’t cutting it when designing websites.

What did KSP Do?

We sat down together and looked at what the business used its tech for most. Some companies need quick internet for social media, or for photo editing, RA Digital needed speed and memory for coding new websites.

I put together a proposal for her that included a new monitor and hard drive that had a processor capability that is second to none currenltly, all within the budget given.

I ordered it all for her and even went to the office and installed it all for her so that there was no downtime.

The Outcome

The business was able to keep working on client websites, without stopping for tech issues. RA Digital can now complete tasks much more efficiently without any delays in loading or buffering.