About Me

Welcome, my name is Kathryn Price - IT specialist, self-confessed gadget geek and lover of all things tech.

I provide good old-fashioned tech support to those who don’t understand or share my passion for technology. I do this with a generous side helping of common sense, warmth and flexibility.

Whether you’re a small business looking for regular tech support or a homeowner who wants to get to grips with your gadgets, I can help. 

30-years’ experience in IT for starters! Which means I really know my stuff and understand the digital world we live in. I also have a passion for gadgets and love keeping up to date with the latest equipment and tech trends which means my knowledge is always current.

When it’s working properly, technology makes everyday life easier. If it’s not working properly it can be annoying, frustrating and – if you run a business – costly and unproductive. This is where I can help. I love sorting out other people’s tech-related problems and have developed a knack for translating the often-confusing world of technology into language you can understand.

The services I offer are flexible and extremely competitive. No job is too small and there’s no such thing as a stupid question. My job is to help you understand your tech, in the most straightforward way possible, without using jargon or blinding you with science.

NB: I currently provide online and remote help or, where appropriate, Covid-safe visits. Either way, I’ll be there to support you whenever you need me.


Thank you for all the time you spent with us yesterday, patiently working your way through my list of niggles with our variety of pc's, tablets and phones. We appreciated your additional "tweaks" along the way, and your explanations - very nicely balanced, not patronising nor nerdy beyond comprehension. Thank you for your ideas of possibilities for future enhancements, which you provided without pressure but with helpful guidance which we can consider in our own time. We much appreciated your visit.

-- David W.